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On occasion I have been known to pontificate at length about the problems of the world. It has been suggested by several people that I write these diatribes down somewhere (probably so that said people would not have to listen to them). Thus my Rant page. This site will grow with with my angst. I won't claim to be an expert on everything I write about, nor will I claim to spend many hours researching each issue (although I'll be sure to let you know if I do). These are just my opinions, some of them no doubt written while not in the clearest state of mind. Hate mail will be prosecuted. Constructive criticism may be posted or ignored.

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Beer Flies Like a Shoe - June 24, 2003
A message from the bar.

The Politics of Conflict - January 27, 2003
Politics really has gotten worse.

Who's money is it anyway? - November 21, 2002
A simple solution to the Estate Tax debate.

Survey Says... - November 20, 2002
Surveys and statistics have become nothing more than another form press release for whomever has an issue to pound.

Crappy Crappers - September 1, 2002
Most people don't like to talk about it, but its time for the suffering to end.

Dumbass Postal Critters - August 16, 2002
We all know that the Post Office is incompentent, but do they have to do it on purpose?

The Pyramid Scheme Of American Jurisprudence - June 5, 2001
I've been too busy to write up a proper rant lately, so my buddy Ted has vented his spleen on the issue of Class Action Lawsuits.

The Internet is NOT Different - March 12, 2001
The key to understanding new technology is to realize that we've seen it all before.

Stupid Light Bulb Tricks - September 9, 2000
Everything you never wanted to know about choosing a light bulb.

Bandwidth Suppliers are Idiots - July 30, 2000
Why I have both DSL and cable modems.

Who is Really Responsible for the DoS Attacks? - March 1, 2000
What is all this about DoS and what should be done about it?

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