Seth B. Noble


Hats I've worn:


My hobbies have likewise varied over the years, including:

  • Enjoying married life!
  • Many Role Playing Games,
  • Martial arts (Tang Soo Do, Tai Chi, Kung Fu),
  • SCUBA diving,
  • Beer & mead brewing,
  • Amateur radio (KC5OPQ),
  • Driving, hiking, and climbing as far from civilization as I can get,
  • Various electronic, mechanical, and chemical forms of systemic failure analysis,
  • A whole lot of video games, and
  • Playing with my favorite computers.

Having been on the web since about 1992, I've managed to accumulate some baggage:

In the course of my adventures, I've:

  • Driven in 44 of the United States;
  • Resided in Erie PA, New York NY, Fort Lauderdale FL, Chicago IL, Pasadena CA, and Norman OK;
  • Vacationed in Canada, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands; and
  • Worked in Switzerland, Italy, and Alaska.


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